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The Law Office of Macy D. Hanson, PLLC, is leading the charge in the filing of lawsuits against Wells Fargo and Windows USA (Alaskan Windows Systems) for consumer fraud and unauthorized credit card accounts. If you have been the victim of fraud at the hands of either Wells Fargo or Windows USA/Alaskan Window Systems, then you have come to the right law firm for you. We are taking the fight to Windows USA and Wells Fargo. And we are proud to be in this fight.

Please consider the following passage from a media article written about one of the firm’s current lawsuits against Windows USA and Wells Fargo (courtesy of topclassactions.com):

Windows USA and Wells Fargo Hit with Deceptive Marketing Lawsuit

A couple has filed a class action lawsuit against Windows USA, Alaskan Window Systems, and Wells Fargo, alleging deceptive marketing practice involved in selling and financing windows. Plaintiffs Archie and Angela Hudson of Mississippi filed the deceptive marketing class action lawsuit and seek class certification. The Hudsons describe themselves as “victims of the deceptive, fraudulent, unconscionable, high-pressure, in-home sales, advertising, financing, and business practices of the Defendants." And they claim that they are not the only ones. The text of the Windows USA class action lawsuit states their allegations plainly: “to put it bluntly, the products, the sales practices, the referral-program, and especially, the financing-scheme devised and perpetuated by the Defendants is a fraud and a scam."

Their allegations claim that Alaskan Window Systems pushed the idea that defendants would save 60 percent to 70 percent on their utility bills amidst high-pressure sales tactics. The Hudsons allege that they saw no such savings. Second, the class action lawsuit also alleges that the company misrepresented the amount that their windows would increase a home’s value. Again, the Windows USA class action lawsuit, the statements did not prove true. Third, the lawsuit holds that the window package amounted to a “scheme of bait-and-switch," which used “fraudulent games regarding the prices of its products and services." The Windows USA class action lawsuit also mentions alleged high-pressure sales tactics. One example cited is that sales reps would refuse to leave a home until they had gotten customers to sign a financing agreement. Additionally, sales representatives allegedly tried tactics like claiming they had special one-night-only offers and contacting supervisors to get better deals.

The class action lawsuit also says the product itself was oversold.“Windows USA misrepresents and deceives its prospective customers regarding the so-called state-of-the-art, high-tech nature of tis windows, which, in reality, are nothing more than over-priced double-pane windows. This deception occurs for the purpose of a wrongful pecuniary gain by the Defendants," the Windows USA class action lawsuit claims.

The deceptive marketing class action lawsuit also states that much of the marketing material for Windows USA throws around the term “100% Satisfaction" and “100% Guarantee." The lawsuit holds this to be a “false claim" and includes this in the accusations of “deceptive and false" claims. The class action lawsuit also alleges that Wells Fargo bears some of the responsibility for the actions of USA Windows / Alaskan Windows because Wells Fargo provides exclusive financing for Alaskan Windows.The lawsuit holds that the actions of the Defendants amount to fraud and breach contract (in the form of a warranty). They seek actual damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney fees, and interest.The potential class members could include anyone who purchased windows from Windows USA, who was doing business as Alaskan Windows when they sold the Hudsons the windows in question.The Hudsons are represented by Macy D. Hanson of the Law Office of Macy D. Hanson PPLC.

The Windows USA Class Action Lawsuit is Archie Hudson, et al, versus Windows USA LLC, et al, Case No.3: 16 - cv - 596 DPJ - FKB, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division.

If you have been the victim of fraud by Windows USA - or you have received an unauthorized credit card issued by Wells Fargo bank - it would be our pleasure to discuss your legal options with you, and with no cost to you.

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