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When companies violate laws and consumers suffer for it, it is critical that they are held accountable for their actions. Fortunately, there are several consumer protection laws that are intended to protect consumers from companies that violate laws.

The Law Office of Macy D. Hanson, PLLC, is experienced in consumer protection litigation law. If you have been victim to the bad acts of companies, banks, credit agencies, health care providers, insurance companies or another company or organization, contact us for a free consultation.

Insurance Bad Faith

Under the law of insurance bad faith, insurance companies are obligated to acknowledge the terms of their agreements in dealing with injured individuals or businesses. They must act fair, in good faith, and honor their contracts.

In dealing with injured people or business that have suffered financial loss, insurance companies often look for ways to avoid paying out large settlements. Fortunately, consumers and businesses can hold insurance companies accountable. If you have been victim to questionable acts by an insurance company, The Law Office of Macy Hanson is here to fight for you.

Home Construction Defects

Have you recently discovered defective construction in your home or other building? Have you recently had remodeling-construction performed on your home or business and the work was not done up to code or was not completed done as agreed? Our firm can help. The Law Office of Macy Hanson has experience helping homeowners and business owners pursue compensation for construction defects or construction fraud. Let our firm be the ally that you need in your corner.

Defective Products

Have you or your business purchased automotive or other products that are defective? If so, our firm is experienced in representing individuals and businesses in lawsuits for product defects, including class action lawsuits.

 Areas of Consumer Protection Litigation

Our firm handles all types of consumer protection litigation, including:

Put our experience to work for you or your business. Please contact us for a free evaluation and assessment of your claim.


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