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The Law Office of Macy D. Hanson, PLLC, accepts (and specializes) in legal malpractice cases against attorneys. We have a successful track record of taking on - and winning - attorney negligence cases against some of the oldest, most powerful, and influential law firms throughout Mississippi and the Southeastern United States. Attorneys are like everyone else: when they make mistakes, they deserve to be held accountable for their actions (or inaction). It is that simple.

The Law Office of Macy Hanson has earned a well-deserved reputation for holding attorneys accountable when they commit negligence or malpractice against their clients.

Our law firm understands the complexity, and the unique challenges, of bringing forward lawsuits against attorneys and large law firms, especially in the Deep South. Nonetheless,we will enthusiastically accept legal malpractice cases against even the most powerful law firms, and in the most difficult of venues.

Suing attorneys is not an easy task. If you, or your business, have been harmed by the negligence of your attorney or law firm, then The Law Office of Macy Hanson is here for you.

We will be the ally that you need to achieve success in your legal malpractice case. Please contact us for a free evaluation and assessment of your claim.

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